Create Materials with Legacy Content Builder

May 2019 -- Please Note: Legacy Content Builder will be phased out in the coming weeks and will be replaced by an all new Content Builder. Please see the Content Builder BETA Help Guide for help with the new version of Content Builder.

The MERLOT Content Builder is a free webpage and website development tool that is integrated into MERLOT. It is directly accessible by logged-in members from the MERLOT home page by clicking the Add menu at the top of the page and selecting Create Material with Content Builder. All webpages and websites built with Content Builder are hosted by MERLOT.

Webpages are easily created using Content Builder's templates. These include a variety of designs including e-portfolio structures, lesson plans, author guidelines, quality assurance, teaching tips, , course redesign, online course, etc

You can view some of these examples on the Effective Uses of the MERLOT Content Builder Tool website (which was created with Content Builder). You can also visit the MERLOT Authoring Strategies page for more information. For help using the MERLOT Content Builder, access the  MERLOT Content Builder Users Guide.

When you create a website using the MERLOT Content Builder, it contains webpages that can include a navigation bar, text, imported documents, and uploaded photos and videos. A Content Builder webpage consists of a title "box" plus additional boxes, each displaying an aspect of webpage content. For text-only mode browsers, images inserted in a webpages can include "alt tags" describing the image when the cursor is rolled over it.

Besides being able to create webpages and websites in Content Builder, a user can:

Every effort has been made to make the MERLOT website accessible to users of assistive technologies. It has been developed with the intention for keyboard users and screen reader users with the horizontal menu navigation to have the best possible user experience. MERLOT has addressed many accessibility requirements in its implementation of the Content Builder.

To begin using the Content Builder

  1. Go to the MERLOT home page – and click the Add menu at the top of the page and select Create Materials with Content Builder . If you are not logged in or not a member of MERLOT, you will be prompted. You can register at 
  2. You are taken to the   Content Builder home page where you can begin to create your web pages.
  3. If you need help during your webpage creation, click on the question mark link in the top right of the page. It will take you to the MERLOT Content Builder Users Guide, with information on all the different features of the MERLOT Content Builder.

Content Builder Home Page