GRAPE Camp Information

To become a Peer Reviewer for MERLOT, individuals must be an instructor in an institution of higher education and have:

MERLOT has developed training for Peer Reviewers to ensure that they become familiar with MERLOT processes and policies on Peer Review. MERLOT Management conducts GRAPE Camp (Getting Reviewers Accustomed to the Process of Evaluation) to train Peer Reviewers on a regular basis. GRAPE Camp consists of a series of three one-hour workshops online, one per week. In these webinars, participants will:

The webinar includes people from a variety of disciplines and is archived so participants can review the material as needed. For information about GRAPE Camp, contact Cathy Swift.

2019 GRAPE Camp Orientations are scheduled for Spring in:

To register for any one of these sessions or to sign up for asynchronous sessions, please complete the short form questionnaire.

If these times don't work for you, you can also participate asynchronously by completing the questionnaire above and indicating that you want to do it asynchronously. In addition, you can sign up for a Self-Study, which you do at your own speed.

You can also participate in the discussions about GRAPE Camp in MERLOT Voices.


Comments from GRAPE Camp Participants

"Overall, this was very well done. I'm glad I participated."

"Well-designed orientation."

"I look up to those who ae doing this wonderful work."

"Inspiring to know that I can make a contribution to the world of knowledge."

"It was very helpful for me to do this asynchronously due to changing computer systems in the middle of the training! I am pleased to be part of your reviewer group."

"Respectful of participant's time by keeping sessions valuable and on-time."

"I think it’s a great idea and appreciate the time of the facilitator."

"Grape Camp was a good learning experience. The materials were organized and clear."

"The instructor is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and responsive. Thank you."

"It was an enjoyable and comfortable 'classroom' environment."

"I think Grape camp is a good way to learn about doing reviews. The format is flexible, as in my case I missed a session and could watch the archived presentation."

"I thought the amount of time was just right and the instructor was available for questions between instructional sessions."