MERLOT Awards: Innovative Use

Innovative Use of MERLOT award is given to an individual, department, or program that demonstrates novel, comprehensive, or creative usage and/or application of MERLOT materials and services. Nominees must provide evidence of an impact on students that can be demonstrated through qualitative or quantitative research or anecdotal evidence. The impact on learning is valued above the impact on student interest. Nominations are due by January 31st for the award that will be presented at the MERLOT International Conference. The MERLOT Editors' Council will determine the winner(s) (maximum of two each year) of the award.


Brenda Perea

Brenda Perea

Brenda Perea has authored and submitted over 700 materials to the Content Builder. Brenda is Instructional Design Project Manager (TAACCT Grant) and Senior Instructional Designer for the Colorado Community College System.

Angela Gunder

Angela Gunder

Angela Gunder was instrumental in building a prototype for the development of the MERLOT discipline portals. She is a Senior Instructional Designer at The University of Arizona and an Associate Editor for the MERLOT Teacher Education Board.


University System of Georgia

University System of Georgia

The winner of this award for 2015 was the University System of Georgia. Accepting the award was Jeff Gallant, GALILEO Visiting Officer for OER on behalf of Merryll Penson, Project Director for the University System of Georgia.


Rick Lumadue, Texas A&M-Commerce

Rick Lumadue

Rick has integrated MERLOT GRAPE Camp Peer Review training into the Global eLearning Program for all students to complete and receive certification as a MERLOT Peer Reviewer. Also, student developed web pages using MERLOT Content Builder have provided a great resource to help measure the programmatic student learning outcomes of the MS Global eLearning Program.

In addition, Rick has developed over 200 MERLOT web pages and 20 MERLOT websites. Many of the websites are fully developed online courses that provide free open education resources, including embedded presentations, files, and companion iBooks, which he has co-authored. Rick has also made use of affordable learning solutions materials by assembling relevant, low cost e-Textbooks using McGraw-Hill Create. Rick has collaborated with Cathy Swift to develop an updated version of asynchronous GRAPE Camp.


University of Northern Michigan

University of Northern Michigan

The University is recognized for the Active Learning Catalyst initiative. The goal of the Active Learning Catalysts Project is to increase the adoption of technology-enhanced active learning in classes taught by science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) faculty. Northern Michigan created a MERLOT "Teaching Common" for the project in order to give the project a higher profile. Accepting the award from Gerry Hanley is Matt Smock, Northern Michigan Project Director for MERLOT and Director of Instructional Design & Technology at Northern Michigan University.


University of Michigan MERLOT Team

The University of Michigan MERLOT Team consisting of the following individuals:

The project "Enhancing Undergraduate Education through the Deployment of Quality Learning Objects" was designed to overcome barriers that inhibit the incorporation of quality Internet learning resources into undergraduate education. It resulted in the deployment of MERLOT learning and teaching resources into four UM introductory courses involving 5000 students at the conclusion of the first year.

William Paquette, Tidewater Community College

William Paquette

Bill has been involved in MERLOT since 2000, first as a MERLOT History Team Member and later as MERLOT History Editor. Over the last eight years he has redesigned ALL the courses he teaches to incorporate MERLOT into classroom, hybrid, or online versions. The 126 assignments he has posted on MERLOT are offered to history faculty and he mentions this in a monthly newsletter sent to VCCS History faculty.


Virginia Community College System MERLOT Team

Through the faculty development course, MERLOT 101 Online, authored by Dr. Laura Franklin and delivered from Northern Virginia Community College, the VCCS team has provided professional development to hundreds of VCCS faculty across the Commonwealth for several years. Laura Franklin, who delivers the course through Blackboard, is the lead while the other members of the VCCS MERLOT Team participate in the course as guest expert users. MERLOT 101 is a unique, three week online course that assists faculty in building a collection of online learning materials relevant to their disciplines while engaging them in actively using and contributing to MERLOT. During the course of the class, it becomes a learning community for the faculty who participate. The VCCS MERLOT team all come in virtually and help the participants become proficient MERLOT users online. In some cases, the team members also get in their vehicles and drive to colleges to give face to face assistance on the course contents:

The fact that all of these individuals make themselves available to discuss MERLOT proves the course’s success in becoming a true interactive learning community. More importantly, MERLOT 101 provides the kind of deep learning that allows participants to really integrate MERLOT in their teaching.

Moustapha Diack, Southern University

Moustapha Diack

Mous is the guiding force behind the MERLOT Africa Network (MAN). (See: MAN is a Network of African and US institutions affiliated with the MERLOT organization and are considered an Outreach of MERLOT to the African Diaspora. The four ultimate goals of the network are to:

MAN also organizes, as part of the MERLOT International Conferences (MICs), the “MERLOT Africa Panels” (MAPs) that gather ICT for Development (ICT4D) experts. The MAPs give opportunities to the African institutions and scholars, part of the network, to attend and present at the MICs. This gives African partners a unique opportunity to build partnerships with the US institutions affiliated with MERLOT.