Contribute a Material

As a member of MERLOT, you can contribute a learning material to the collection, as long as you are logged in.  It is a 5 step process that allows you to define all the metadata about the material, to help others find it as well.  Once a page has been created describing your learning material, others will have the opportunity to discuss it within MERLOT.   
The following describes what information in needed in each field of the Contribute process.  Any item with an * means it is a required field in the process.
Step 1 - Title and URL Step 2 - Description Step 3 - Category
The subject category or discipline is one of the most important pieces of metadata or information that describes the material being contributed to MERLOT.  Users can narrow their search by category so it is important to include it in all categories applicable.  
Step 4 - Author
When submitting a material to MERLOT, you can identify the author(s), Institution, or Organization.  On this step, you can add as many authors are appropriate.  After entering all the information for an author, click Add.  When you are finished adding all authors, click Next.   All author information will be displayed on the material detail page for the item you are adding to MERLOT.


Step 5 - Optional Information
The following information is not required but adds to the value of the  material you are contributing to MERLOT.   If you are interested in what others have to say about the material, you can check the box at the top to receive notifications when discussions are started about the material. When you have finished entering information into all 5 steps, click Submit.