Add a Material to the MERLOT Collection

Any educational resource that’s online and has its own URL can be added* to the MERLOT Collection by any MERLOT member simply by filling out some basic information about the resource.
Follow these simple steps to add a resource to MERLOT:
  1. Log in to MERLOT (**
  2. Click the Add to Collection tile, then the Submit a Material tile

    Add to Collection tile      Submit a Material tile


  4. In the Submit a Material form, enter the URL of the resource
  5. After you’ve entered the URL, MERLOT will check that it is a valid address and will automatically fill in a few of the remaining fields (feel free to change any of these that need to be changed)
  6. Complete all other required fields and as many optional fields as you can – the more information you provide the easier it will be for others to discover the item in MERLOT
  7. Refer to the chart below if you have questions about any of the fields
  8. Once you have completed all the fields, click Submit.  If you wish to add additional items to MERLOT, click "Submit and add another."


Field Description Required?
URL Enter the web address (URL), to view the material from MERLOT. Required
Title Enter the title of the material to be displayed in MERLOT and search result pages. Required
Discipline A material can be categorized into more than one discipline. Select the primary discipline from the drop down that best fits. The drop down will then repopulate to select sub-disciplines. Click the Add (+) button to start a new discipline, or the Delete (x) button to remove one. Required
Description Describe the material being submitted, as specific as possible, to help others locate and use the material. Required
Keywords List any additional words that would be useful for a user searching MERLOT for such materials. Optional
Image Select an image from the available images to use in MERLOT. Optional
Material Type Select the best type that matches the material you are submitting. Only one material type can be selected for a material. (See a list of Material Types) Required
Primary Audience Select all educational levels for which the material could be used. Required
Language English is added as the default. If the language is different, select to match material, then click Add. Required
Author: First name Enter the first name of the author of the material. Alternatively, click “Add myself as an Author” if this is a material you’ve created. Repeat to add multiple authors. Optional
Author: Last name Enter the last name of the Author of the material. Optional
Author: Email Enter the email address of the Author of the material. The author will be sent an email that their material has been submitted to MERLOT. Optional
Author: Organization Enter the organization or group the author is affiliated with. Optional
Technical Format Select the appropriate technical format that best describes the material. Optional
Is this resource a mobile app? If this resource is a mobile app, select which mobile platform(s) for which the app is made. Optional
Cost Involved Indicate whether or not there is a cost to use the material. Optional
Is Accessibility Information Available? Indicate whether or not accessibility information is available for this material. Optional
Creative Commons Specify whether the content of the material you are submitting is licensed under Creative Commons License Conditions Optional


* MERLOT only hosts the metadata for materials listed on the website and provides a link to them and some other helpful descriptive information.


** If you are not a MERLOT member, you can join at