Create Materials With Content Builder

The MERLOT Content Builder is a web page and website development tool that is integrated into MERLOT. It is directly accessible by registered and logged-in members from the MERLOT homepage  by clicking "Create Material with Content Builder" tile or from a members profile page.  Web pages are easily created using Content Builder's templates. These include a variety of designs including e-portfolio structures, lesson plans, pedagogical analysis, student reflection, online course, tutorial, presentation, community website, etc.

You can view some of these examples on the MERLOT Effective Uses of the MERLOT Content Builder Tool web site (which was created by using Content Builder). Go to the MERLOT Authoring Strategies page for more information.

Websites created with the MERLOT Content Builder contain web pages that include a navigation bar, text, imported documents, and uploaded photos and videos. A Content Builder web page consists of a title "box" plus additional boxes, each displaying an aspect of web page content.  For text-only mode browsers, images inserted in a web pages can include “alt tags” describing the image when the cursor is rolled over it.  Sets of web pages can easily be collected to create complete websites that contain automatically-generated navigation bars.


Besides being able to create web pages and web sites in Content Builder, a user can:

MERLOT has addressed many accessibility requirements in its implementation of the Content Builder.  Please see the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) for a description of the degree to which the Content Builder meets Section 508 standards.

To begin using the Content Builder

  1. Go to the MERLOT the home page (, and log in to MERLOT. If you are not a member of MERLOT, membership is free. Register at
  2. From the home page or your profile page, click on "Create Material with Content Builder."