MERLOT Technologies


MERLOT continuously improves its services and develops new, related technologies to share with the MERLOT community. As MERLOT develops these new technologies, they either become integrated in the system as improved services, or they are offered to our Partners and Members in various ways.


Below is a list of MERLOT technologies that are available, under varying terms and conditions, to the MERLOT community:

MERLOT Web Services

MERLOT has developed a set of Web Services (APIs) that can be incorporated into web-based applications by third party software developers to provide direct access to the MERLOT collection and system. The availability of MERLOT‘s Web Services are subject to the Web Services Fee Structure and to our Software Agreement.


Note that MERLOT Web Services cannot be deployed by end users but must be implemented and provided to end users by their institution’s software developers or system administrators. See below for more information on requesting a license key.  MERLOT’s Web Services include:


Examples of our Partners’ deployment of MERLOT Web Services can be found here.


Requesting Use of MERLOT Web Services


To deploy MERLOT Web Services, you must request the Web Service software and a “key” to unlock it, by completing the form at   If the request is approved, instructions and documentation will be forwarded to the requestor within 3-5 days of submission of the request.


Web Services Fee Structure

All Partner fees shown in the chart below are one-time and include support for the duration of the partnership. If a Partner terminates their partnership with MERLOT, deployed Web Services will be permitted to operate for six months following the termination date, excluding support. For additional information about MERLOT Web Services, contact the MERLOT Webmaster at Information on becoming a MERLOT Partner can be found on our Become a Partner page.    









No Cost

No Cost

No Cost

No Cost


Included in Partner Fee

$300 - one time

Campus Subscription Partner Fee + $300



Included in Partner Fee

$300 – one time

$300 + bundled with Advanced Search

$2,500/year; requires Advanced Search


Included in Partner Fee

Included with Contribute

Included with 
Contribute bundle + negotiated fee

$2,500/year; requires Contribute

Federated Search

Negotiated based on level of service

Negotiated based on level of service

Negotiated based on level of service



Integration with Learning Management Systems  
MERLOT’s Basic Web Service Search has been incorporated into a number of learning management systems.  These integrations enable instructors to search MERLOT directly from within their LMS, and to insert learning materials directly into their instructional modules from the MERLOT collection.



MERLOT has developed a Basic Search Building Block to allow Blackboard users to search MERLOT from within the LMS. For more information and to download the Building Block, go to To find information about MERLOT, enter MERLOT to search extensions. Click the link that is returned for MERLOT Basic Search, to begin the download process.  Remember this must be installed by a System Administrator.


MERLOT has developed a Basic Search LTI integration for Canvas users.  For more information on the Canvas app, go to   Use this app to search MERLOT from within Canvas by entering keywords.


Desire2Learn and ANGEL Learning

These learning management systems (LMS) have incorporated the MERLOT Basic Search Web Service into their products. If you have either of these LMSs and do not have the ability to search MERLOT from within your LMS, contact your technical support.  ANGEL users - support is through your vendor support portal. Desire2Learn users contact your account manager or system administrator to enable this service. 


Moodle has integrated a plugin to allow searching MERLOT.  System administrators have the ability to enable "MERLOT search."  When this capability is enabled, Moodle users can search the MERLOT collection from within Moodle, and insert learning materials directly into their instructional modules. Please note that the MERLOT plugin for Moodle was not created by MERLOT; MERLOT does not provide technical support for this plugin. MERLOT has provided a set of instructions for information purposes only (subject to change at any time). Download the Information Guide here


Metadata Batch Import

MERLOT supports batch processes for those who wish to contribute 100+ materials to our collection. This process allows you to bypass the MERLOT Contribute form to easily add large amounts of metadata about many learning materials into the MERLOT collection.  MERLOT provides a spreadsheet template into which you enter all the metadata fields that correspond, in the exact format specified, to the required metadata in the MERLOT collection. MERLOT staff, working with your staff, verifies the data and imports the completed spreadsheet data into the MERLOT collection. For more detailed information about the process and to obtain the spreadsheet, contact the MERLOT Webmaster at


For more information regarding any MERLOT Technologies, contact the MERLOT Webmaster at